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Asmadi Games

Asmadi Games is a publishing team that produces games that I think would never be seen by other companies. Asmadi published games that are absolutely unique in both quality of content, mechanic, and component. They range from extremely high strategy to mindless fun. Such games such as One Deck Dungeon, Impulse, or Mottainai showcase the companies push for heavy strategy and fun experiences while games such as Adorable Pandaring, Fealty, and Gold Theif showcase the fun and mindless strategy presented with each title.

I think the variety seen in this company shows how much they can offer to our community and makes them a huge asset to our hobby.

We want to thank them for being kind enough to allow us to review so many of their games. These are games that have constantly seen the table for game night and we have easily been able to sell a lot of people into buying copies of Asmadi Games for themself.

Check out our reviews of Asmadi Games here!


Joseph Nicholas

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Indietabletop. Communication major. Favorite mechanics include: Bluffing and Deduction, modular boards, and action point allowance. Favorite video game genres are Rpgs, Puzzles games, and Sim/Tycoons.

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