Antiquity Quest


Game: Antiquity Quest (BGG)Time: 30 minutes- 45 minutes
Difficulty: Easy, Slight rule book confusionPlayers: 2- 8
Age: 10+Replay Value: medium high

Looks like Nigel Remington is an antique hero–saving old valuable pieces from the infamous Tess Wynter. Nigel goes about seeking these rare finds to send over to the royal museum for all to see. Here is where you come in! You will be traveling across ancient civilizations helping Nigel uncover priceless treasures. BE WARNED, Tess Wynter is on the hunt and WILL eventually show up to steal our treasures. Can you help bring these cultural relics to the museum for safe keeping?

Players will start with 2 decks of 10 cards. One deck is considered a cache and does not get to be used until you have fully depleted the first hand of 10 cards. You will be collecting sets of antiques and treasures which will score you points based on how challenging they are to complete. The goal of the game is to have the highest score by the end of the game. End game is triggered when someone has at least 5 sets and emptied both decks of 10 cards.


Right off the bat, we had an idea of what to expect. With playing Cover Your Asset$ and Cover Your Kingdom , we anticipated a huge deck of cards and a simple way to collect points. This time around, instead of collecting duplicates like the games listed above; we will be collecting sets of cards to score. Each set will consist of a one civilization type, treasure, or both.

How To Play

When it’s your turn, you will have a choice to lay out 3 or more cards from your hand to begin building your collection. A perfect collection that scores the highest will either have one of each of the five treasures or one civilation suit consisting of numbers 1- 5. A standard deck follows similar rules but you will find duplicates in the set. A mixed set will consist of both treasures and suits, however, you cannot mix suits.

On your turn you are allowed to play as many cards as you like from your hand, that means adding more cards to unfinished sets in play or playing cards on your opponents to sabotage their perfect score.

If you decide not to lay out cards, you can choose to take the discard, and creating a suit out of the top card with cards in your hand.


User Interface

The game play is extremely simple with a limited setup. As long as the deck is shuffled and each player is given 2 decks of 10 cards–you can begin playing. The game play is extremely easy to teach. As long as everybody understands the very basics of card play (hiding cards, following the rules), understanding the scoring system just needs a few examples for everyone to follow. The hiccup in the rulebook I found was some of the examples mentioned parts of the game that aren’t mentioned–for example substituting scores.

Mechanics and Game play

Antiquity Quest is a pure set collection card game. Manage the cards in your hand to create some high scoring sets. The game includes Nigel and Tess as cards that show up in the deck and can be used to enhance strategy a bit. Nigel allows you to grab 3 cards from the deck which can give a player a huge advantage toward finishing a set. Tess will steal the discard away from all players. When there are some juice cards in the discard pile that you just KNOW will help you complete a couple perfect sets–Tess will destroy any hopes of those valuable antiques. Another interesting thing to note is that treasure cards score slightly higher than Antiquity cards. This is giving them a slightly higher value and has players fighting slightly harder to get them. The game can be played in rounds, however, you can always end after 1 round if you like. We tried, but could not stop playing so we pushed all three rounds.

Card Break Down

Each card is colored to match it’s civilization suit. For color-blind support each suit is a different shape or symbol matching that of the civilization that it comes from. They will always have a value on them from 1- 5 and every suit has “Wilds” which will substitute for any of the numbers. The treasure cards are straight forward. The treasure suit has 5 unique treasures on them. The artwork is actually really awesome. Each civilization has their own antiques that we can enjoy such as ancient Asian coins or pottery or Egyptian mummies or shoes.

What I Liked

This is a very simple game to throw out and get going and the game can get really fun towards the end when players start recognizing how close in score everyone can be. Early game is great because there is no foundation for tension yet so strategies rely on destroying opponents perfects. Toward late game, completing opponents sets don’t inspire from score but from trying to end the game forcing opponents a negative score on left over cards. I also enjoyed how high the scores turn out. When 3 rounds ends up with 20,000’s in value; it feels really fun to try to get a super outrageous high score.

I like the story behind the treasure hunting with Tess as a villain and us on this journey with Nigel. I know it doesn’t necessarily play a big role in the game since it’s naturally just a set collection experience, but It’s nice to know they put thought into why we are doing what we are doing.

What I Don’t Like

There is not much to say. I felt maybe there could have been something more to the sabotaging of opponents? Sometimes it felt like, playing cards on opponents doesn’t necessarily hurt them unless you are specifically trying to cut off their chances of scoring perfects–sometimes, giving them a full set could do more harm than good.

Final Thoughts

My Advice

Never discard your treasure as they are far more valuable than antiques. Even a standard treasure set scores 250 points more than a standard antiquity set. Also, Don’t forget about mixed decks, they do not have a limit to how many cards can be played in them, even after they score. This can help you throw out a couple of cards to get you closer to end game.


Absolutely recommend. While the strategy in this game doesn’t stand out there much at all. It’s a very enjoyable game because of how the game shifts emotions from planning solid sets to cutthroat scoring. Families can definitely enjoy this game because of how easy it is to learn and play. I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a filler game because it is a big time consuming for that purpose. But for a night with some easy to enjoy games–this should be included.

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