Alone Boardgame

Game: Alone (Horrible Games)Players: 2- 4
Time: 60+Difficulty: hardest
Age: 13+Replay Value: higher

Alone, in a dark corridor, you hear sounds from the north, your search for the closest route to your mission. A mutated human jumps out from across the hall, spooked, you use bullet time to get your bearings strait and fend off the creature. You finally make it to the pharmacy… but more sounds from the south tell you danger is lurking. Alone by Horrible Games is a1 vs all, board game for 2- 4 players. One player with play as the hero, completing missions and surviving the dangers run by the evil players who will be managing the map and creating the dungeon. It plays around 90 minutes and asks for tactical gameplay using action points, and campaigns. It’s a fantastic game for players looking for that heavy immersive experience. lets see it

What I like

I love the gameplay of Alone in general. I’ll admit I have played far too little campaign games to even recall which ones I played last but if anything this was a great way to get into it. The hero board recreates the inventory screen of a video game menu. The holo-memory of my movement, the upgradable inventory, the fluid actions that maintain a steady pace, the board that keeps tracks of my actions and my life points– it creates a really great immersion of a sci-fi horror game building the tension of lurking creatures with sounds in the distance and the fear to reach the destination in an unknown world. Or, take on the other side of things. Build the map, spawn the creatures, make the hero’s journey impossible.


Each hero action comes with an opportunity to react as the evil players always giving players something to do–there is no lull, it’s built to interact like a video game with constant movement going on. Honestly that to even really impressive. Most of the time we can consider video games as to get–a creature has a line of site programmed up to certain points of a map, events trigger when certain interactions happen, fighting is turn-based–but with real-time functionality (cooldowns and such), and you can actually see all that in Alone. Of course, the mini’s the creatures look great and the multiple suits available for the hero not only give players different strategies to try out–but also act as companions you can pick up along the way.

what I dont like

Downside is with the evil players. I played a 1v1 and felt a great consistency with gameplay and no downtime between players since the reactionsare always available. It’s a good play at 2 as in 1 hero and 1 evil player.However, with 2 evil players and 3 evil players you feel the increase of a lullfor taking actions and reactions. I see what they were trying to do as far as the evil players interacting–but with reactions and map development, Isaw a lot of quarterbacking happening with the leading player and with those less experienced with tactical campaigns. I also feel, that even after a good read of the games It does take a little more work to really get the game down–but i can blame that on my lack of personal experience in these type of games.

Final Thoughts


Alone brings together this crispy feeling of videogames and translates it into an analog experience. Whether you want to play the hero surviving the horrors of the labyrinth, surviving creatures and completing missions, or be the evil players who creates them. This game has introduced me to the world of heavy tactical campaign games and I’m actually interested in trying out some more. It’s a long read to learn the game, but honestly, it really was not that hard to play and I think could be a good introduction to seasoned players looking to step up their game. For someone who only plays light games, party games, and euro games–this has made me consider new games to buy.


Joseph Nicholas

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Indietabletop. Communication major. Favorite mechanics include: Bluffing and Deduction, modular boards, and action point allowance. Favorite video game genres are Rpgs, Puzzles games, and Sim/Tycoons.

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