Alone survival horror game

alone survival horror game
Alone Survival Horror Game

How often is it we pit 1 player versus everyone else in board games? How often are you involved in a sci-fi horror survival board game? Well, for those of you who have had these experiences (whether it be Alien for the next gen console or a run in with a spider) will enjoy this good news! Horrible Games is working on a brand new board game with dungeon crawling features. You are a lone warrior against 1- 3 evil doers who will try their hardest to stop you from completing your quest to save your companions. The Evil players have a full map scenario in front of them hidden behind a screen. They will try to stop the hero while managing events happening in the game. This is Alone. Coming to us sometime in 2016.

The hero can only see sections of the map that he is currently in. Unfortunately, our hero will have to experience all types of evil dark things happening within the game. What I think is interesting is entering and leaving map tiles. When you leave a tile it disappears, signifying darkness, you are only allowed to physically see the tile you are on, so make sure you have a good memory.  The game consists of several scenarios that are divided into chapters. Each chapter offers an objective for our hero. Each chapter outcome influences the coming chapter. I think this game definitely sounds like a all alone survival horror game. I have relatively high hopes for this game being Horrible Games have published some really great games over the years, and Alone seems to peak some a new generation of board gaming.




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