Airlines Board Game by Golden Egg Games: Quick Look Into

airlines board gameAirlines Board Game by Golden Egg Games

What happens when 2- 5 players get together and incorporate a 1960’s themed board game into the mix? How about an Airlines board game? In Airlines, you are put into the shoes of a brand new airline developed in the 1960’s. You’ll begin with your own plane, airline, and 5 cards which will be ready for development. Throughout the game, you will be taking actions (getting a coin, loading passengers (via color), drop off your passengers, and buying spots) which help progressing toward victory. When you load passengers, you will be able to take passengers off the ‘world’ map (via color) and place them in your plane. Once ready for drop off, you will collect coins based off drop off. Eventually, you’ll want to buy plan parts in order to board more passengers. (more at Golden Egg Games)

But, you think that’s all that building can do? Why not build your own plane?! No but really, along with upgrading planes for more passengers space; you can actually build an entire new plane next to your already completed one (now having two airlines).

Once the actions are over the board will rotate– respawning passengers on the ‘world’ map. Instead of using an action, you can ‘build’ your cards into buildings that will permanently offer actions each round. These offer a whole new strategy to gaining coins in order to win the game. Oh, I forgot to mention, win by having the most coins.


Joseph Nicholas

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