Adorable Pandaring: Cute Pandas and the Law’s Against Them Review

 Game: Adorable Pandaring Ages: 10+
 Publisher: Asmadi Games Time: 15 minutes
 Players: 3- 5 Replayability: 7.5/10

adorable pandaringAdorable Pandaring

Adorable Pandaring is a light-hearted card game that integrates solid gameplay in a tiny box experience. Each box of Adorable Pandaring comes with red panda point system cards, adorable panda law cards, adorable pandas, and victory point bamboo cards. Throughout the card game you are playing cards from your hand whether face up or face down that will trigger the red panda to score. In order to trigger the red panda card you must satisfy the law card with four cards. Again, this is a really simple experience.

My Experience

I played with a few of my friends and we got the rules down in no time. While slightly confused with the face down cards, it all made sense by the time it began scoring. So The first law was that all even cards score. I began by playing an even card. This cards action was to play ANOTHER panda card without activating it’s action. So bam, I played 2 panda cards that followed the panda law, leaving us with 2 more even numbered pandas to score. This was my game! And then the law was changed. All odd cards are winners. I was no losing and both my opponents decided to play some odd numbered pandas. The game was yet again, 2 odd pandas away from scoring. So I did what anyone would do. Switch the law back to even’s! When it came to scoring, I won the round by playing enough face down cards to not trigger the panda card–which scored me more points when faced up during scoring.

adorable pandaringFinal Thoughts

This is an absolutely polished little card game that involves cute pandas, solid gameplay, and a  great opportunity for strategic tactics. The card stock offers quality stock and effecient use of abilities. It doesn’t seem like there is much filler text and that everything in the game belongs in the game. It’s simple, fun, and a great filler game!

My only problem may be in the abrupt endings which can stop me from feeling like I was able to accomplish anything.

You will like this game is you want something quick and dependable. It’s effective in the sense that it’s strategic, quick to play, and easy to learn. It’s a card game that has you match your hand of cards to the “winning” cards.

You will not like this game if you are expecting something a little lighter. The artwork calls for a mindless and fun experience–however you will get something a bit denser than you’d expect.



Joseph Nicholas

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