Achtung! is a game where you are trying to be the most law abiding citizen possible by making and then trying not to break silly rules. The game is similar to Fluxx in that the rules of the game are constantly changing. Each player starts with a hand of five cards and on their turn players simply draw a card and then play a card. There are five types of cards in the game and each affects the game in a different way. The types of cards are Global Laws, Direct Laws, Amendments, Abolish Law, and Filibuster cards.

Global Laws are laws that affect everyone playing the game. There are three laws on Global Law cards and the player who plays the card chooses which law out of the three goes into effect. Direct Laws are laws that only affect the player they are played upon and they have two parts to them. The first part is something that is beneficial to the player affected by the law and the second part is something that makes it harder for the player to accomplish the first part of the Direct Law. Amendments are played on Global and Direct Laws and affect how those laws are enforced. Abolish Law cards are used to cancel a law that is currently in play.

Filibusters are mini-games that take place during the game after a filibuster card is played. There are five types of filibusters including staring contest, flip a coin, draw, discard, and name game. Staring contest is pretty self-explanatory. Each player stares into the middle of the table until they blink or break eye contact. Flip a coin is a game where each player tries to predict the results of a chance item (coin, die, etc.). In draw each player draws a card from the deck as quickly as possible. The last player to do so must discard a card while the other players get to add the card they drew into their hand. Discard is played just like draw except players discard a card a quickly as possible and the slowest player to discard must discard an additional card. When someone plays a name game filibuster card they pick a category and say something within the category that starts with the letter “A”. Going around the table, each player names something within the category following the alphabet. For example, if the category was animals, the starting player could say antelope, the next could say bear, and then the next player could say crocodile. If a player cannot name something they are eliminated from the name game. This continues until there is only one player remaining, that player gets to draw a card while the others must discard.

In order to win Achtung!, you need to be the final player with cards in their hand. You achieve this by calling out other players for breaking a law while you follow them down to the letter. When you notice another player breaking one or more of the laws in play you call out Achtung! (German for “Attention!”) and politely inform them of what law they have broken. The criminal must then discard a card from their hand. If another player loses all of their cards, they are not completely out of the game. They can call out players still in the game and earn a card to get back into the game.

Final Thought: Achtung! is a delightfully whacky, crazy fun game that has a load of replayability. With over 150 individual laws and a near infinite amount of law combinations, it is virtually impossible to play the same game twice. I cannot even begin to explain the satisfaction felt bringing the hammer down on another player for breaking the law and the amount of frustration felt when you are caught red-handed breaking it yourself. Achtung! is highly amusing and can be greatly enjoyed by tabletop newcomers and veterans alike.


Cards Included but not limited to:



Direct Law


Global Law




Abolish Law



Alex James

Gaming has always been one of his strongest passions. Favorite mechanics include hand management, worker placement, set collecting, and card drafting.

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