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The indie tabletop community is an ever-growing community, and Indietabletop is dedicated to providing exposure to as many indie board game developers and publishers as we can. We hope to give our followers more insight on the realm of tabletop through reviews, as well as allow developers and publishers to gain a broader sense of support from the tabletop community. There’s a stigma that has categorized the tabletop world into a mindless roll and move, and we are here to bridge the gap between the mindless and the abstract. We hope to expose our followers to what independent tabletop developers have to offer, and we hope that this movement will encourage others to reciprocate their support to any given community. Reciprocity is huge in a society that thrives on competition–we hope that we can offer the same support that our followers have given us to the independent game developers alike.

For Reviews

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joey 8bitJoseph Nicholas is a communication major with an interest in the history of communication. He has been playing video games for as long as he could remember–whether it was Nintendo or Playstation, Final Fantasy 7 to Dragon Age Inquisition–games are a constant part of his everyday life. He recently was introduced to board games and it was at that point that Joseph decided it was time to merge his education and his hobby as one cohesive unit. Gaming with a focus on communication? Yup, just his cup of tea. Joseph enjoys bluffing and deduction, deck building, modular board, and action point allowance system mechanics. What he’s Written.