Replay Value

Rating: High Replay Value

Rating: Higher Replay Value

Rating: Medium Replay Value

Rating: Lower Value

Rating: Low Replay Value

This is subjective as I am just one reviewers with my own game preferences and interests. Do keep in mind I rate my games off of many different values. What I look for in a game and how I judge it’s replay value is on the following values.

Accessible Rule book– This is simple, a game is literally unplayable if the rule book does not translate the rules well. I would argue this is the first step to a great valuable game.

High player engagement– One thing I look out for is how often players are interacting with each other rather than with just the game. New players can give a game a fresh feel as well as from my experience–interactive games bring about more fun.

Alternate Paths/endings– A game can lose it’s charm quick if it’s a very similar experience every time we play it. Even high player engagement can’t save a game from being too linear. In my experience- unique choices, strategies, or story can always make a game feel exciting.

Something Unique– A game can have all of the following from the former statements, but if it can’t bring something new to the table that can’t be identified, then what would stop us from playing the game similar to this one?

Price– We want to make sure that if we are spending the money on a game, it not only gives us a value for our purchase but maintains that value over time.