Terraforming Mars Stronghold Games: Quick Look Into

Terraforming Mars

We have another awesome publication of Terraforming Mars coming soon by Stronghold Games. Terraforming Mars will take place in the 2400’s where conditions on Earth pressure humans to find a new habitable planet, such as Mars, in order to retain humanity. Each player will take on the control of a corporation with specific unique starting abilities and conditions. Throughout the game you are upgrading, developing, and transforming your human advances and eventually reaching significant awards and milestones. Each round represents a generation, so you can see the progress instantly gratify your end game points. The player with the most accomplished awards wins Terraforming Mars.
The game comes complete with 200 unique project cards. These cards include: terraforming achievements, new plants and animals to discover, asteroids, mining of moons, development of cities, greenhouses, and creating an equilibrium in order to prosper. The key to Terraforming Mars is balancing income, projects, and resources in order to succeed. On top of including critical responses to a strategic game; we can expect some heavily impressive art work. Each card does a great job capturing the thematic essence of travelling across martian planets. The board seems to offer a huge selection on options and space to create a very engaging experience. To be honest, I am excited for Q4 2016.
terraforming mars

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