The 7th Continent: Quick Look Into

7th continentThe 7th Continent: Preview

Many is the time I’ve avoided playing large time consuming board games because we just don’t get to have our weekly board game nights as often as we’d enjoy. With work, school, children, and a trip to the moon funded by NASA– when do we find the time to get together? So i’m reluctant to pull out some of our favorite games in case we don’t get to run through the entire experience or we might want to run through in a few smaller games. However, The 7th Continent introduces an easy saving system so that you can stop and resume your adventure any time you’d like. I find this is an incredible development in the board game industry and am hoping to find more along the way.

In The 7th Continent, you get to enjoy a choose your own adventure exploration game. you choose a character and begin your adventure through new lands filled with dangers and wonders (and event cards). Each turn you’ll be inspiring through your adventure and creating new ideas with actions and cards you pick up. You will use your craft to build tools, weapons, shelter, and survive by any means necessary. You are searching for a curse that has struck you from your last expedition. Play with up to 4 players as you build the board piece by piece. Enjoy over 100’s of exploration cards, random event cards, and plenty of action and save cards. (more here)



Joseph Nicholas

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