Consequential, A Voice Acted Tabletop Experience: Early Look


consequentialCooperative board games have been on the rise this year and late of last with games such as Pandemic Legacy, Bomb Squad, and so forth. So it only makes sense that we continue this trend with Consequential, a new cooperative experience by Asmadi Games, the same company that brought to us Mottainai and Innovation. In Consequential, Earth has been connected to Laris, a fantasy world, through technology and magic. This event brought a tear between fabric and time, rupturing the tie between the two. What does that mean? It’s up to up to 5 of you “heroes” to mend both worlds.

Consequential is a cooperative board game that has up to 5 heroes adventure through four acts of a storyline. This story will be told and sold within 4 different packages. So it is expected that we will have a very unique and in-depth story built within each separate game. These games will be telling stories through Act 1- 4 along with a companion app which will help display events through the game and definitely help create the immersion of the game play.

Consequential will contain a 45 minute experience of a “real time” turn-based phase to for each session (with a 10 minute “real time” conclusion). I’m expecting some very impressive story and some unique elements to surprise us (which will be voice acted through the companion app). Chris Cieslik is the master mind behind the development of Consequential, we has brought to us flavorful games such as Gold Thief, Heat, Innovation, and Red 7. If you are familiar with these games then you will be happy and excited to the release of this 4 act campaign epic. Source



Joseph Nicholas

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