Top 5 Dice Games

top 5 dice games

A selection of games I know I personally never give enough credit to are dice games. We’ve have had some dice game titles bestow some very excellent and almost historical opportunities for our community. We have titles that have introduced to us quick roll mechanics. We have had games bring to us an entire experience in just 13 dice. We have even seen dice games branch out concepts such as “roll and grab” that has been picking up endless momentum within the indie game community. Below is my list of the top 5 dice games.

Top 5 Dice Games

 top 5 dice games   Roll For It! One of the most casual styled dice and card game out there. With six dice of a your choice in color, you will lay three cards face up on the table for you and your opponents to roll for. Roll your dice and place the outcome with any matching dice on the cards. You will fill the cards with your dice, claim the card, and return your dice. Reach 40 point and you win. (Source)

Players (2- 4), Age 6+, time 30 minutes


top 5 dice gamesIn Zombie Dice, You will take three dice from the box and roll them onto the table. A brain symbol (you eating brain) is worth one point at the end of the round, you will be wanting to collect these. Footsteps (human got away) allow you to reroll. Shotgun blasts (this is self-explanatory) harm you and when you roll three shotgun blasts during your turn, your turn is over and you don’t collect any points. After rolling three dice, you may decide if you want to score your current brain collection or if you want to push your luck by grabbing new dice so you have three again and roll once more.” (source)

Players (unlimited), Age 6+, time 10 minutes


top 5 dice gamesSimilar to Zombie Dice, in Martian Dice you will roll 13 custom dice in an effort to score with Humans, Chickens, and Cows. With each roll you must first set aside any Tanks, representing the human military coming to fend off your alien invasion. Then you may choose one type of die to set aside as well – one of the earthlings to abduct, or Death Rays to combat the military. At the end of your turn, if you have at least as many Death Rays as Tanks, then you may abduct the earthlings you’ve been setting aside. You can’t pick any type of Earthling twice in one turn, but if you manage to abduct at least one of each you’ll score a bonus! Definitely a unique one for this top 5 dice games(source)

Players (unlimited, Age 6+, time 10 minutes


top 5 dice gamesIn Grim, The object of the game is to be rid of all your tokens, either by turning them into Grim, or giving them to your opponents. Players must roll three dice to earn the ability to turn in tokens, these dice include green, red, and blue grim die. Green grim lets you have a token at hand to give away, blue freezes the die, and with three red die your turn ends and you can no longer turn in green tokens. When a player no longer has Grim tokens, they face Grim. If they win, they are immortal while the other player face an awful fate they would have for the rest of eternity. The game is won when Grim has been defeated. (source)

Players (2- 6), Age 10+, Time 30 minutes



The story is, you and your friends are on a camping trip. Uh oh! Bears are now at your campsite, what do you do? This is a fast-playing, competitive game in which you score points by pairing dice. The dice will resemble and the actions available will partake in Shooting bears and running from tents for a few points, or sleeping through the attack.  If any bears remain at the end of the round, your sleeping campers are done for!


Players (2- 4), Age 7+, Time 20 minutes




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