The Others: 7 Sins, a Kickstarter triumph

The Others: 7 Sins, aKickstarter triumph

Remember the success that swept for Exploding Kittens? Well buckle up for another Kickstarter success story: The Others: 7 Sins by Others: 7 SinsCoolMiniOrNot has “broke the top 12 tabletop game Kickstarters of all time” says Eric Lang, who is understandably “Grateful. Humbled. Overwhelmed.” With over 10,000 backers, and an impressive $1,450,000+ of a pledge goal of $100k with only minutes to go, the anticipation for this game is huge and we are so excited for their success!

The Others: 7 Sins is a horror game that combines tense game play between heroes and corruptive forces with crafty miniatures. The dynamics of the game is rather interesting in that you have a seriOthers: 7 Sinses of missions that the heroes must accomplish to rid the sins: terror stories, corruption stories, and redemption stories. These different stories can be played on different map set ups allowing you as a player to have a wider game play experience. Heroes will take turns to ensure that the Seven Sins consume the city. With the intricately crafted miniatures and dynamic city tiles, The Others: 7 Sins will not disappoint. Source



Stephanie Am

Produces art in the form of food. Favorite mechanics include bluffing and deduction, set collection , point to point movement, and tile placement. Favorite video game genre is Puzzle games.

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