The Builders Middle Ages

 Games: The Builders: Middle Ages  Players: 2- 4 -30 minutes
 Publishers: Asmodee Games  Age: 10+


The Builders Middle AgesI am completely guilty of enjoying lighter games as opposed to the heavy, and oftentimes dragged on games that most people I game with tend to enjoy. Call me a lazy gamer, but well, I kind of am a really lazy gamer. I usually don’t prefer playing a game that takes me more than 2 play throughs to understand, mostly because at that point, it becomes a little too much work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy heavy games, it just takes me awhile to warm up to them.

Lords of Waterdeep was one of the first tabletop games that I played when I started about a year ago. It’s definitely a heavy game, but I absolutely loved it! It teaches you pretty vital mechanics that will segue  you into the tabletop world with ease. You learn the mechanic of worker placement and resource management, which can be found in a number of tabletop games today. One of which includes The Builders Middle Ages, which I luckily stumbled across on a whim after browsing Amazon.

The Builders Middle Ages takes those mechanics that you learn from Lords Of Waterdeep and simplifies it into a lighter, more novice-friendly version. In The Builders Middle Ages you play as a foreman who has a dream of becoming the First Builder. In order to construct your buildings, you must recruit  wisely in order to earn renown for yourself. These workers you hire to construct a building must be compensated for their work, forcing you to have a good deal of management over the resources you have.

A the start of the game, place the building cards with the construction side faced up at the end of the table, then place the worker deck next to the building cards after you have separated the apprentice cards from that deck. Turn over the first 5 cards of the building cards and the worker cards. Distribute 10 coins to each player (2-4 players) 1 gold coin and 5 silver coins, and have each player randomly select one The Builders Middle Agesapprentice to start with. The remaining coins should be placed somewhere nearby and used as a bank.

The game is played by taking turns with each player taking up to 3 actions per turn. If you choose to take an additional action, it will cost you 5 coins. The possible actions you could take include starting construction where you can select one of the five buildings and place it in front of you (immediately replace that spot with a new building from the building deck), recruit a worker (select a worker from the 5 available, place in front of you, and replace), send a worker to work (place a recruited worker next to a selected building), take coins (1 action = 1 coin, 2 actions = 3 coins, 3 actions = 6 coins).

Each building has a set of requirements that vary across each building. Each worker has a set of resources produced. In order to complete a building, you need to fulfill the requirements of that particular building using workers that you have already recruited (don’t forget to pay for them)! After you have fulfilled the requirement of that building using the workers, you can now flip over your building as fully constructed and earn either coins or victory points. An added dynamic to the game are the machines that you can build in order to replace the need for workers (in order to save coins). The game ends if you have 17 or more victory points at the end of your turn.

The rules seem more complex after having written them out, but I promise The Builders Middle Ages can be learned in a matter of minutes into the game! It’s relatively fast paced, and a great game to play if you’ve got the Lords of Waterdeep blues.



Stephanie Am

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