Sneaky Cards Review

sneaky cards review

What is this.. woah that was sneaky.

This sneaky cards review will cover what the game is about and how it looks. Gamewrights presents to us one of the largest new card games. I don’t mean this game extendsneaky cards review it’s component count to the stars; but I do mean that this card game is played through interaction with the outside of your table top. It is a game that you interact with random strangers. Take objective cards and follow their action list on the card. Whether you have the “give this card to someone without knowing”, or the “hide this card somewhere it can be easily found”, you’ll be able to track these cards locations whereever they go! The game contains 55 cards that all uniquely impress you, your game, and the world together as a playing field.

I found the artwork is very zany and fun. Each card is designed to detail the
cards rule while having a bit of a comedic twist. The seflie card has a ninja whle the”Now to Meow” card has a cat peaking over the side of the card. I can see this game truly inspiring many people as the familiarity grows. More cards in the world make for the next Geocache, or Ingress. It will tie together strangers through card Id’s and interaction rules. It is seriously, a unique game that is a must have if you enjoy being out and about. Complete each objective and then pass the card along!

sneaky cards review


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