Small Star Empires: Quick Look Into

Small Star Empires

A new dawn for the galaxy is coming. Four of the major civilizations inhabiting the galaxy finally achieved interstellar travel, and are ready to establish their empires and dominance across the galaxy!

Your civilization is among them. As a leader, you must make sure your rising empire is the dominant at the end! You will accomplish this by colonizing planetary systems and exploring beautiful nebulae with your ships while establishing your domain.

Plan your strategy wisely to become the most prosperous star empire of the galaxy!


small star empires

Looking for a great big game in a small box? Small Star Empires offers a quick an easy gameplay with a simple setup and an efficient game play period of 15 minutes. This area control game pits 2- 4 players against each other as civilizations colonizing the galaxy. Each colony has their own ships which they move around the modular board combining different pieces together to create their very own group of space systems.

During a turn a player must move one of his ships around the board. You will then choose to place a colony to a trade station in the system you landed (which will be through a straight line as far as you want). The game ends when there are no longer any legal moves left or when all the players place their colonies and trade stations. Calculate your points and claim victory among the galaxy!

This game is currently on kickstarter and has 18 days left in i;s campaign. Small Star Empires has fully funded to as long as you pledge enough, you can get your own copy by the end of the year/ early next year!


Joseph Nicholas

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