SlowQuest: An RPG Zine

 Game: SlowQuest  Players: 1
 Publisher: Self Published  Time: 5- 10 minutes
Age: 8+  Replayability 3/10

2016-07-29 11.29.52 SlowQuest: An RPG Zine

I saw this game on Instagram and judging by the visuals and my interest in different takes on RPG games, I had to give it a try. It’s a 30 page choose your path dungeon game where you embark on a journey from one side of the booklet to the other making decisions and flipping to the decided page for the outcome. The artwork takes on the classic RPG elements as well as brings us through a variety of different journeys with hand drawn environments, text, and enemies. To play, open the book to the first page and read the text given to you, it will provide you with a couple choices you can make and what page to turn to for the selected choice, which is where you decide which decision to make and what page to scroll to.

Final Thoughts

I found this game to be incredibly unique for its theme however, I do wish there was more to the story. I was very excited to run through the Quest I of SlowQuest, but once I got to the end I couldn’t help but wish there was more. I guess, the longevity of the title exists with coming Quests for us to explore. But, this title offers 1 portion of a quest which guides you to and from a location. I did enjoy the experience a lot. I ran through it plenty of time to make sure I was able to try out every single outcome. But it still left me wanting a bit more. Perhaps a longer zine could ensure us with more than one experience giving us a reason to keep coming back. While I did run through the game in less than five minutes, I will probably be picking up Quest 2 because it’s cheap and still an enjoyable adventure. Unfortunately, the length of the book does not make for another run through of the game.



Joseph Nicholas

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