Problem Picnic Attack of the Ants

 Game: Problem Picnic  time: 20 minutes
 Publisher: Kids Table Board Gaming  Players: 2- 4
 Age: 6+  Replayability: 8/ 10

problem picnicProblem Picnic Attack of the Ants

Dexterity games are some of the most thrilling board games in my opinion. You get the best of both a board game experience and an active experience. Problem Picnic (on kickstarter right now!) is one of the titles that does just that. In Problem Picnic you are an ant colony trying to gather the best plates of food through dice rolling. You’ll be rolling your dice onto picnic blankets of different goodies like sandwiches, watermelons, and cookies hoping to have the biggest swarm of ants to collect it. Your collection will be valued based on a majority scoring sheet (most of each type) and different scoring cards offering options like most green plates with cookies, sets of foods and so forth. Another unique part of this game is its scoring. The way it is made to interchange through different valued coins laid out on the scoring sheets is very cool and makes for a lot of replay value.

I find this game is easy to setup and very easy to learn to play. Depending on player count the setup will have different layouts for the food and each card will have a picnic blanket side and an ant swarm side. The game is consistently fun throughout the experience and the time it takes to finish a game will most likely follow up with another round. I find the concept is unique and fits well with the mechanics. While I was previewing a prototype copy of the game, I found the quality of the components to be pretty high.

problem picnicMy Experience

I played a two player experience of this title. I was the green colony while my opponent was the red colony. We set up our 2 player layout with scoring options with most columns with two of the same color, most purple plates with sandwiches, and most cookies in a single row. I began and went for a blue cookie with my worker. I chose my worker because I feel rolling a six-sided die might be easier than my twelve-sided die. I missed the plate and am now back to square one. My opponent went for a blue watermelon with his scout and landed on it with a 2. He now has a majority of ants over that plate so after all our dice are used, if he still holds that lead he wins the plate. At the end of the round, I was able to capture a blue sandwich and my opponent received the blue watermelon.

During the latter half of the game, I noticed my opponents strategy was collecting as many blue plates as he can with a bit of a focus on cookies. I myself was trying to gather most same colors in columns because I’d thought it would be easy to organize my winnings. In the end, my opponent won because through the luck of the deck, we drew a lot of blue plates and I couldn’t gather them all from him. I did win most colors in columns but I didn’t get enough points from the majority score to win.

Final Thoughts

This is a very interactive board game for more than 2 players. You’ll be using dexterity to not only gather picnic foods, but you could possibly roll off others dies while doing so. The game is very hands on and is a lot of fun from once it begins to when it ends. There is no learning curve, the rules are straightforward and the scoring sheets are self-explanatory. I’d say it’s replayable because of how much fun it is, and how quick it can play. My only gripe is, I felt some of the special scoring sheets are a bit harder than others which could render them useless; but on the other hand, you could see it as a quick bit of points if you do end up going for it. Kids table Board Gaming does a great job with kids  games, check out our review for their other title FoodFighters!

You will like this game if you‘re into dexterity games, want something fun for the family, and enjoy picnics.

You will not like this game if you want something heavier and denser. This is a light board game.


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