Private Die Kickstarter preview

Private Die is back, and it’s a lead that wont go unnoticed! Private Die is a perfect quick pace dice game with acessible rules.¬†You start with one clue (you were assigned to the case, after all) and a detective card that details your unique ability. Throughout the game you’ll question different witnesses to gain clues towards solving the case. Once you have 15 or more clues at the end of a round, you solve the case and win the game. Congratulations! Source

What I enjoy about this kickstarter is not the $19 copy of this dice rolling noire. But, thie impressive .gif’s that help articulate the game play for viewers of the page. The page in it’s entirety is very interactive and I think that is a fantastic take on how a kickstarter should be developed. The effort and time put into this campaign makes a promise that these developers care about their backers.

little over 20 days to go! Kickstarter here!




Joseph Nicholas

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