Plazma Being : Short, Sweet, and Satisfying

Game: Plazma Being

Developer: felix wunderlich games

Release Date: Feb 9th 2015

Plazma Being is platform-puzzle game developed by the one-man team of Felix Wunderlich, based in Ireland. You play as a titular Plazma Being (Essentially beings made of Plasma) named Zeb who is captured by aliens while flying home through space. While in captivity, a “series of massive earthquakes” breaks Zeb’s prison open which allows him to escape and to find his way home. Zeb, being a Plazma Being, can switch between several different modes, each with its own special ability, to solve the various puzzles that come his way. The game is relatively short, having about 10 levels in total.

First off, let’s talk about the gameplay. As mentioned before, Zeb can switch between several different modes to utilize different abilities to solve puzzles. For example, one of the puzzles involves crossing a large chasm. To solve the puzzle, Zeb must switch to his blue/telekinetic mode to place a series of blocks over the chasm and then change to his orange/platforming mode and jump across the blocks. As you progress through the game, you will gain access to more abilities, such as a purple/possession mode. The puzzles themselves require a mix of logic, dexterity, and timing to solve them. Because of this, there is enough variety provided to keep the game fun and interesting; and not to mention, satisfying.

As is to be expected for a small puzzle game with a focus on gameplay, there isn’t a whole lot to the story apart from Zeb trying to find a way off the planet. However, the atmosphere that accompanies you on your journey really helps make the game more than just a nice puzzle game. The mellow, electronic soundtrack, while being quite relaxing in itself, manages to create an atmosphere of fear and survival that really adds to the strangeness of the alien environments that Zeb finds himself alone in, in a manner reminiscent of Oddworld. The graphics of the backdrops and set pieces, while a bit rough and unrefined compared to other games, also help to create this same atmosphere.


Any complaints that I might have found with the game were minor. The only one that stood out the most was the brief moment of time I had to wait when restarting from a checkpoint or when entering and exiting a level; but I guess that’s because I so engaged with the puzzles. Also, some gamers might find controls to be slightly draggy or delayed or the graphics to be a bit too rough and distracting. Nevertheless, these annoyances did not take away any of my enjoyment from the game whatsoever.

All in all, Plazma Being is a short, sweet, and satisfying game with a wide variety of puzzles and a great atmosphere, an impressive achievement for a first-time, independent one-man development team.

As of the moment, Felix Wunderlich is currently working on “Systematic Immunity”, a platformer slated to be released sometime next year. If Plazma Being gives us anything to go on, we can expect his next game to be just as good.

Plazma Being can currently be bought on Steam.

About the Author:
Samuel Mui is Currently a Communications Student who lives in Malaysia. His hobbies include writing and drawing. He was first introduced to the world of Tabletop Gaming by Wil Wheaton’s webseries “Tabletop”. He is also an avid video gamer with an inclination toward narrative-heavy role-playing games.


Samuel Mui

Samuel Mui is Currently a Communications Student who lives in Malaysia. His favorite board game is Battlestar Galactica and his favorite RPG systems are the d100 system and FATE