Omnis: The Erias Line

Game: Omnis: The Erias Line

developer: Elyn Studio

I had a chance to try out the 3 hour long demo of Omnis: The Erias Line and found myself wanting more.

Omnis: The Erias Line is a fantastically illustrated JRPG that captures the very essence of what a turn-based styled game should be like, on paper. This game comes equipped with a very elaborate story about two siblings who have arrived in Verdamm in search for a place where they can settle away from crime. Unfortunately, things escalate as they are forced into the ‘Operatives’, a network of thugs born form the city’s darkness.a0b2b01a080997a5c378a2101edea4e6_original

The game play is nice and the visual and sound design is flavorful. Each action phase comes equipped with an attack, a special, focus, and defend. The special offers a quick-time event which does a good job keeping the combat interactive unlike most turn-based combat. The enemies are exciting and the variety promises a good variation of combos and tactics. The composition captures the very essence of what the game strives for. The correct amount of ominous aligned, with the direction of the game and story. I think Omnis: The Erias Line knows what they are good at and hones in on just that.

7b33ad01f4156a5df109488e2e8c8841_originalMy only problem with the 3 hour experience was the introduction. I felt the story dragged on slightly longer than I was comfortable with. I myself am a very antsy gamer– I need to do things and I need to do them fast. I understand that an elaborate story needs to pace itself correctly. Which I’m not critiqueing. However, I did find that there could have been more player control– rather than a drawn out cut scene, perhaps implement character movement. I’m sure this is just a drop in the bucket and the rest of the game could bargain is absolutely stunning (because the game after the intro was awesome af.) So with that said; I’m grateful that someone brought back the pure roots of JRPG, and I am glad it was done right.




Joseph Nicholas

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