Midnight Outburst: Super adult party game

 Game: Midnight Outburst Age:  17+
 Publisher: Hersh and Company  Players: two teams
 Time: 30 minutes  Replayabilty: 7/10

midnight outburst

Midnight outburst and Gameplay

Midnight outburst is a really interesting party game because it uses a revealer, or a code encryptor in order to review answers as if you were playing family feud. For example, if I were to pull a card from the box I would be given a headline hint, a topic, and then 10 target answers. To keep this PG for an otherwise adult only themed party game, I would have a headline hint of “school” and the topic “items in a classroom”, followed by an encrypted list of ten target answers. This is my favorite part. The target answers are encrypted in this red barcode similar to the one seen in the 90’s board game Jumanji, where you’d slide the card into this decoder to see the answers. So how the game works is you will divide into two teams. Each team will choose a captain and the team going first will grab two cards from the box. For the PG rating of my website we’ll have this captain draw the school topic card again and one that is unimportant because the team chose the school topic card for play (:p). The captain places the card into the decoder, flips over the sand timer, and the team begins yelling out answers that could be one of the ten target answers. The team will have 45 seconds to unlock as many answers off the target ten as they can, getting points scored after the time is up. There is a bonus rewarded to the team after the round by rolling dice. If the dice equate to a number unlocked on the decoder they will receive that number as a bonus. The game continues as long as you’d like, however, the rules suggest you play until the first team reaches 45 points.

midnight outburst party game

Final Thoughts

I like that the developers offer that dice rolling bonus at the end to push receiving points even higher and can add for landslide wins or awesome clutch comebacks. I think this is a great party game which uses unique components to separate it from other party games that are mildly similar. My favorite component of this game is definitely the encoder because it’s so unique to games I’ve played before. This game is adult rated, therefore, a lot of the cards are going to have adult content. Unfortunately, you can’t be playing with players who are under 18 unless supervised, but as for a group that is over the age limit, I think you’ll have a great time. It’s a great game to play there are enough cards to offer you a hefty replay value. I think my lease favorite part of this game is that its adult theme prevents this from being a family night party game because I could see kids loving the encoder and loving the way that the cards can reveal answers and I think the trivia behind the game would be really fun for families to get together and try to find out what answers correlate to which topics–similar to family feud.

midnight outburst


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