Lost Cities Adventure Review

lost cities

Lost Cities

Sometimes I just enjoy traveling through uncharted areas and collecting as many points as I possible can. Lost Cities does just that, collect cards and explore the lost worlds we have never discovered. Lost cities may be an oldie but it’s a goodie. It provides players with a bit of theme, medium strategy, and a lot of luck in order to win.

Draw cards and play them down in color coordinated locations from lowest number ($=bonus, followed by 2) to highest (10). Once done, subtract your total from each location starting at -20 and that will be the points you make. Once done , for each column substract the cost of the expedition (20 points) from the total, multiply them by investment bonuses ($) if applicable and that will be the points you make.

Lost cities

My experience

I was able to play this game for free off of Happy Meeple and I enjoyed myself. I was against an ai, who obviously knew this game way too well. I began my play by using the white location as kind of a throw away slot while still collecting points. That way when I drew cards I had a chance at randomly getting the bonus $ tile for the other location. That was definitely the case, I had a couple $ for the red location and one for the yellow. I began working on my yellow location right after being I had a two. I started to rush knowing the game would be over once the last card is drawn. So I wanted to at least rack up some points. While my yellow was building I noticed the Ai was giving up a lot of higher numbered cards for all the colors. I was hoping that I would find some gems in the AI’s trash–I did. I was able to find an eight and a nine for my yellow and finally close off my ten racking in four points (after the -20 was added).

Toward the end of my journey I noticed the AI was beginning to pull in some tens and start closing off his locations before I did. I was having a hard time drawing the tens I needed in order to win. I continued to place down my numbers in their order and hope for the best but in the end, the AI won.

Lost cities

Final Thoughts

While a classic, Happy Meeple brings this title back to life offering an online place to play and a complete interactive tutorial (4 minutes) that you can play till the end. It is easy to learn and quick to play. I found that online play improves the experience of an already great game because there is no shuffling, no “complicated” counting, and an instant knowledge of the number of remaining cards in the deck which means an instant knowledge of the scorings which helps decision making for card placement. The game is great because of its value on strategy accompanied with a bit of theme, but the 4 points above help the game a bit in terms of flow and speed. The correct address for Happy Meeple in case you’d like to play it there instantly.


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