Heros Journey Home Kickstarting this summer.

Heros Journey Home Kickstartingheros journey home kickstarting

I’ve posted about Heros Journey Home frequently through the year indietabletop had been around. Heros Journey Home was our very first review game and since then we have worked with Graham Cranfield, the developer, on reviewing his first expansion as well, Gods of Man. I’ve always was fascinated by dungeon crawlers mostly dungeons and dragons and pathfinder. However I was never able to find a group that would be interested in doing so. Heros Journey Home really creates that world through the journey of deck building. Since 2015, Graham has been selling copies of Heros Journey Home, and as of recently, his 1st expansion, Gods of Man. He is sold out now (so happy for him). He is now building toward a Heros Journey Home kickstarting project this summer. Running a Heros Journey Home kickstarter means another reprint along with opportunities to reach stretch his goals!

Heros Journey Home is s solo play rpg crawler through vibrantly attractive cards and dice. Your journey begins right after you’ve defeated a boss, collected the treasure, and are ready to depart home. Collect your dungeoneers, spells, money and hope to get home safe through dice rolling, luck of the draw, upgrading, and defeating monsters. With each expansion, you can find that they introduce new variety of options for your characters and includes new monsters to tackle.

Link to his Heros Journey Home kickstarting project. (coming soon)

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