Heros Journey Home: Gods of Man and More Expansion

gods of man and moreHeros Journey Home: Gods of Man and More Expansion

I’ll be going over my impression of Heros Journey Home: Gods of Man and More. Before I begin, I’ll introduce you to Heros Journey Home (the base game). Heros Journey Home is s solo (or two player) dungeon crawler. It comes well equipped with stunning graphic design and fluid gameplay. Your journey begins right after you’ve defeated a boss, collected the bosses treasure, and are ready to depart home. The journey home isn’t easier than your journey there–in fact, it may be harder. Collect your dungeoneers, spells, money and hope to get home safe through dice rolling, luck of the draw, upgrading, and defeating monsters. With each expansion, you can find that they introduce new variety of options for your characters and includes new monsters to tackle.

gods of man and moreNow, I am not the biggest fan of expansions because sometimes I feel there just isn’t enough content to justify spending the amount you are, finding more room on your shelf for the box, or even contemplating throwing the box out or not. I have purchased some expansions but this is mainly after long hard hours of research ensuring my purchase will be worth it. Not too mention I hate blending in cards and anticipating the next new card I’ll see that I haven’t before. With that said, I think Gods of Man and More has incorporated just enough material in the right way to provide the player with an effective use of new stuff. With this expansion, you’ll already enjoy a new experience as you will now be giving your hero’s races and supplying them with protection and special abilities. Races grant our hero’s passive abilities like extra Hp or equipment bonuses based on who you are.


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