Grifters Card Game by Indie Boards and Cards

 Game: Grifters  Age:14+
 Publisher: Indie Boards and Cards  Time: 30 minutes
 Players: 2- 4  Replayability: 7.5/ 10

grifters board gameGrifters Card Game by Indie Boards and Cards

The world of The Resistance is ever growing at this point and honestly, the universe they have created only gets more interesting as we play along. What started out as a simple loyalty card game, The Resistance, has developed into a successful dystopian universe that is highly recognized through titles such as Coup and One Night Revolution. When I play any of these thematic games from Indie Board Games I see myself immersed inside of this dystopian universe, pinned down by the suppressive leaders of wealth and greed. Whether I am fighting against the cause, or fighting for my rightful spot in a council, Indie Boards and Cards has created something we don’t see much of in this community, I world we can visualize and fight for. The Grifters card game is another title influenced by the world of the Resistance, adding a lot of beautiful lore and art to the already dystopic theme we are all so familiar with.

The Grifters is an original concept of deception as we use characters abilities to collect as much money as you can from the government in order to win. While the rules may seem a bit complicated at first, they do a fine job elaborating on more difficult components and even break down specific cards that might not be as understanding as the others. The game is beautiful like most of the games dedicated to building this dystopian future, are illustrated by a lot of reoccurring artists such as Jarek Nocon, Dave Fulton, and Stephanie Gustafsson. It’s a functional design (which we can’t argue) and the game runs well.

My Experience

I played this title with four other players and we all had a great time playing it (I even won *spoiler). We begin by having three main boss cards and a “hideout” board dedicated to used cards that need a cool down time to be used again. The goal of the game is to make as much money as possible. I began playing cards to build my deck, I’d collected a few incredible cards such as the Femme Fatal card (notoriously known for being broken) and the Prestige (which pairs well with the Femme Fatal card. Most of these cards do one of a few things, steal money, collect money, allow you to succeed in missions (which give you money). After a few turns, I’d notice strategies between the players involved. Some would sabotage players by stealing coin or stealing card abilities while others (and myself) would use cards to gather more cards to beat missions.

Toward the end, it was noticeable the leads people can have on others and there is definitely a point in winning where you can’t really recover from. When you’ve beat enough missions they can stack and combo into a lot of money almost rendering collecting coin useless. My two cents is stay on top of collecting missions and keep an eye out on other players successes so they can’t combo their missions.

grifters board gameFinal Thoughts

While I can see this game being less fun with fewer players involved, it’s definitely a satisfying experience of sabotage and take that! The learning curve is low and the rule book is helpful in understanding some of the cards that can come off unclear (which is nice to see a publisher recognize). I love the use of the hideout and think the cool down of cards translates these criminal “laying low”. It doesn’t take long to setup and I’d have no problem playing this title again.

You will like this game if you’re looking for a thematic game involving interactive mechanics and criminals.

You will not like this game if you’re looking for something lighter or smaller such as coup.


Joseph Nicholas

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