Foxtrot Games: World’s Fair 1893 Giveaway!


World’s Fair 1893 Giveaway!

Foxtrot Games will be having a pre-release window starting May 11th at participating stores for their new board game World’s Fair 1893. The World’s Fair 1893 is an area control board game set in the world and theme of the Chicago world’s fair. Acting as organizers for the fair, players will work to increase their influence throughout the fair while grabbing hold of some awesome exhibits that will be put on display.

Indietabletop and Foxtrot Games will be holding a giveaway for a copy of the World’s Fair 1893! There are two available entries opportunities.

Simply head over to instagram and follow us @indietabletopp and follow us @indietabletop on twitter (you can find a link to our instagram and twitter toward your left hand side as well as highlighted in green). Repost the image of the giveaway and tag friends you would play with! Be sure to use the tag (#indieworldsfair) in order for me to find your entries! This giveaway will end on the 17th, one week from the 10th.

world's fair 1893 giveaway

How to play (source)

On each turn of World’s Fair 1893, the active player sends a supporter to one of the five areas and gather all of the cards by it. New cards are then added to some of the areas, and the next player takes a turn.

The five areas represent sections of exhibits, like Fine Arts and Electricity. Some cards represent exhibit proposals in one of those five areas, others represent influential people who give you bonus supporters, and other cards represent tickets for attractions and concessions along the Midway.

The game consists of three scoring rounds, each triggered when players collectively gather a certain number of Midway tickets. Players gain reputation points for leading in number of supporters in an area and for gathering the most tickets in each round. The leaders in an area also receive approval for exhibit proposals they have gathered that match the area. Players gain reputation points at the end of the game based on the breadth and diversity of their approved exhibits.

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