Flip City Wilderness

 Game: Flip City Wilderness Players: 1- 4
 Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games Age: 14+
 Time: 30+ Replay Value: medium high

Quick summary

Flip City uses a deck building and press your luck to create this fun little city building card game. Grab yourself 3 people for the best results balancing a medium length of playtime with amount of thrill from gameplay. This can clock into around 40 minutes and within those 40 minutes, you will be building a micro city for your people, who will reward you with medals, or sad faces.. so, don’t make them upset… The game is great and I love the concept of micro-deck-building but I have to say, the strategy to win is a very apparent in this game than it’s predecessor making this title feel less replayable. Good news definitely brings life back into the original stand alone.

Flip City Wilderness

Take your architectural abilities to the plains of flip city. Tmg published a sequel they know cannot be compared to much other than their own original Flip City. Deck building mechanics and city building aren’t a new pair; but the design by Chih-Fan Chen, is pretty unique. Tax your citizens, build a bigger city, and get rewarded from making everyone happy. Simple.
At a glance
This game uses deck building and press your luck to construct this title. Imagine how dominions deck building concept can look if you double-side the cards with upgrades and ad a mystery to each card you draw. You aren’t managing your hand, you are thinking ahead for future decisions. Like it’s predecessor, I love the rulebook. It’s very simple to understand and takes you across the rules fluidly to help readers understand how to play. It’s a good game for beginners if a beginner can comprehend the idea of deck building –its a mechanic I think would need to be taught by an experienced player. Groups for this is tricky. The game is awesome and fun but does not have enough player interaction to not feel like everyone is just alternating solo play. So single player variants are actually really fun. I’ve enjoyed the game with 2 players because of play time/ gameplay balance.
How to play

Final thoughts

To summarize the game, it is fun to play more or less as a solo experience to kill time. 2 players was the most fun for me because it played like a filler and didn’t feel too draggy. Unless you’re itching to play a heavier deck building game– I don’t see how other games couldn’t fill that scratch. That being said. It has the same fun and flair as the original game. Great little graphics to complement its original and upgrade sides. The graphics also complement what each card offers as far as individual card rules. The gameplay falters with more obvious win outcomes but doesn’t stop me from playing it more than once. Especially when teaching new players.
You will like this game if you’re into solo gaming. I enjoyed teaching this to new players because it just helps the gateway into heavier games. It does a great job teaching certain mechanics and rules.
You will not like this game if you ARE looking for a good deck building game. It’s not that this game isn’t fun, it just scratches the surface of a heavy strong deck building game like Dominion, or even of what you find on star realms.

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