Eternal Glory: An Eternal Card Battle

 Game: Eternal Glory  Players: 2- 4
 Publisher: Twin Sword Training Time: 20 minutes
 age: 14+


Eternal Glory

Remember when you first played Dynasty Warriors? (Or didn’t, that’s fine too.) I remember it was such an epic experience just mowing down hundreds of enemies with the mashing of two buttons. I would spend countless hours on whatever level the defaulted choice was and would just kill enemies. I actually don’t believe I had even progressed levels at all; I think I just killed enemies until I was bored and I would shut the console down and proceed in dropping a disco ball from my ceiling followed by throwing on some shades while I dance to boogy nights. Eternal Glory is kind of like that. I felt a similar need to completely annihilate everyone in my path as I played Eternal Glory because, well, I need to defeat 100 enemies to end the game. So I think, it fit my mood–perfectly.

eternal gloryBegin by shuffling the deck and dealing 5 cards to each player. Start your turn by playing a card or discarding two cards from your hand, you will then resolve the card’s effect (Defeating enemies through points or through axes), draw back up to 5 cards, and move on to the player to the left. Continue this until 100 enemies have been killed where you and everyone else will finish the round and count up the points received Throughout the game. Winner has the highest score and will have their name recorded in history as the greatest hero of their time. Eternal Glory comes equipped with a few types of cards: Attack cards, Item cards and the Charter of Hazard cards. You will use your attack cards (with or without an item, or Axe, card) to attack enemies. Hazards will be played in front of your opponents to harm and hinder their progress–which I had a lot of fun with >:).

I found this game to have a very aesthetically pleasing art direction and offer beautifully laminated cards. Eternal Glory’s imagery is that of an anime chibi warrior–yes, cute and deadly. Throughout the game you will be attacking enemies and coming across hazard cards that introduce a fun twist of Take That! into the game. While we played with 2 players, we found the game to be exciting and rewarding. It was a very quick and an easy game to learn and to play. Eternal Glory solidified a fun 20 minute experience between the two of us. It’s a simple game with and impresive approach at a chibi warrior, Take That, and Hand Management Card game. As the kickstarter suggests, this game DOES seem to be more rewarding as you play. Learning a bit of a strategy with managing your hand can really help when trying to win. So, you want to be the hero who was remembered? Check out this link here to get started.


Joseph Nicholas

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