Dead of Winter: The Long Night, Standalone or Expand with Explosives and Raiders

the long night expansion

The Long Night awaits

Dead of Winter: The Long Night is a new stand-alone experience directly related to the Dead of Winter: A Crossroads game. You will be able to enjoy everything Dead of Winter plus the additions that help enhance your experience. With Dead of Winter: The Long Night you will experience new struggles for power and survival, new colonies to explore, new survivors, and new gameplay elements. You can fight off waves bandits from other colonies, make improvements and upgrades to your own colony, explore and fight off Raxxon’s (new location) human experiments, fight of swarms of classic zombie hordes, and enjoy all new characters wrapped up in this expansive Dead of Winter expansion of goodies.

dead of winter the long nightAll this will be summed up into a couple of new story scenarios for the expansion. Keep in mind that while this may be a standalone, I highly recommend (and so does Plaid Hat) to mix Dead of Winter: The Long Night with Dead of Winter: A Crossroads game for a jumble of new and old characters, new locations, and experiences etc. If you’re looking for a preorder or just want more information on Dead of Winter: Long Night, oh wait. I conveniently linked them over their board games’ names text.


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