Dancing Pants on: The Dancing Party Card Game

 Game: Dancing Pants on  Players: 3+
 Publisher: Player4’s Games  Time: 15 minutes
 Age: 8+  Replayability: 6/10

dancing pants onDancing Pants On

Dancing Pants On is a revolutionary party game that pushes your mind and body to its extent by maximizing the possibilities of your physique. Every card greets the player with a quest to create the most rewarding  dance anyone has ever seen! Double sided cards and a six-sided dice to select your phrase promises that each player will receive a fresh experience. Enjoy dancing to exciting card options such as the “Jig-It”, The “Safety Factor”, and anyone prepared for the new “Spring Chicken”? This game is seriously so wacky it will even have your grandma moving! Each player takes turns picking a card from the deck. You will be Rolling the dice in order to decide which dance you will perform. Each player is rewarded points by the audience’s decision on whether your dance was promising or not that great. The player who racks the most points or has the craziest dance moves will move on to be a Dancing Pants On champion. I was forced out of my comfort zone as I instantly wiggled and waved at the same time to satisfy the “Spring Chicken”. My friends and I all had a great laugh at the weird and almost socially unacceptable dance moves we were coming up with. I genuinely had a blast playing and would recommend this game for family gatherings and parties for a quick ice breaker or a good time.

My Thoughts

This game will make sure that you’re going to be extremely creative and funky. Each new dance is a party pleasing, head-spinning good time. Once you start you will not be able to resist the simplicity of this new classic to family board game night. Get your Dancing Pants On with a fun enthusiastic card game to spice up any party. Dancing Pants On bring a whole new aspect of life to party games across the globe. Whether you’re with friends, family or randoms Dancing Pants On will surely get the entire crowd lit up and laughing! Once you get your Dancing Pants On, you’ll be able to jump into the exciting, thrilling, and nerve wrecking game of Dancing Pants On!

I do wish there was more to the game because I felt it at some point will feel dry. This card game is best for more than three players because the voting can seem bias in some ways. Maybe you and your audience do not like having people lose, maybe they are strictly competitive. With a low player count, you will more than often know your outcome, at least that how I felt. I liked the phrases on the cards and liked that they were able to create dancing possibilities. They make it so we can almost sense our dance and what we would want to see others dance.



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