Chinese Card Swap: Great Quick Filler

 Game: Chinese Card Swap  Players: 2- 5
 Publisher: Angry Ogre Games  Time: 10 minutes
 Age:8+  Replayability: 7/ 10

chinese card swap Chinese Card Swap: Great Quick Filler

Simple and Clean is the perfect way to summarize this card game by Angry Ogre Games. To put it simply, You are trying to find a matching color of cards. When long draging board games are played, sometimes something quick, efficient, and worth a couple playthroughs is effective in keeping the night going. My game group especially needed this nice experience after our prolonged journey through pandemics and legacies. Chinese Card Swap has a very easy and clear method in describing the rules by providing all the information on two cards. I appreciate a game that can get us playing within seconds. This is not always possible of course, Denser games need big rule books; however, you can respect a filler that tells you from the get-go, “You will begin playing now”. This game comes with four cards of seven different colors all numbered one through four. Depending on player count, you will pull out unneeded color sets until you have two more than the number of players. After shuffling the deck, you will draw four cards to each player face-down plus two rows of four in the center. Each turn you will choose one of the following, swap a card from your hand to the center or your hand to an opponent.

My Experience

Now, you wouldn’t believe that I was able to try this with every player count. I was at a family party and coincidentally a new player would walk-in by the end of each sitting. I dealt the cards and began the game. Right away I noticed numbers on the back of the cards that I assumed were signifying set number. After taking a look at my hand, I decided to find all the green cards since I had a green four and a green two. I turned in my black one and reached out for a number one in the field–it came back red. My second turn swapped my one with my opponent, swapped back green (score!). My opponent swapped with the black I had recently placed down and seemed please (she was collecting black). She then swapped her four with a four from the center. In the end, I was able to capture my greens faster than she could capture her blacks.

With each addition of a player, I noticed it extended gameplay mildly and increased the reward of finding your color. With each player addition, the amount of direct interaction increased and the game was a little more unique from the two player game. I thoroughly loved the game as a two-player experience and felt they both could be played as two different games because of how different the tactics felt.

chinese card swapFinal Thoughts

Chinese Card Swap is a very great light card game for a filler during game night or a night with the whole family. It’s very quick to learn and super effective in offering a fun gameplay. It is so simple to learn and the game goes so quickly, this is a very replayable card game. This game gets more interactive with opponents as the player count increases and I enjoyed how different a two player experience can be from a three-plus game and would recommend both experiences be experienced. There is never a moment I felt turns were dragging and I think it’s well worth the value.

You will like this game if you want a quick filler matching game.

You will not like this game if you want something with more theme.


Joseph Nicholas

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