Cat Tower Jenga Meets Kittens Review

 Game: Cat Tower  Player: 2- 6
 Publisher: IDW Games  Time: 15 minutes
 Age: 4+  Replayability: 6/10

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Cat Tower

When I do not necessarily want to play a conventional board game or card game, I look for something that is a little abstract and out of the box. Cat Tower surprises us with a Jenga styled card game with a phenomenally cute theme of kittens. In Cat Tower, you will be stacking cat cards on top of cat cards based on a dice roll. Each roll will give you a new action whether it be stacking one cat, stacking two cats, having an opponent stack your cat, placing a fat cat card, and so forth. While the tower may fall, instead of ending the game like it would in Jenga, you just collect two more cat cards and start over. The first player to relieve their cat cards wins!

cat towerMy Experience

I have played Cat Tower with the most novice group of gamers I have ever met. They are more novice than I am a professional skydiver (I’ve never even been on a plane–Since I’m going on a plane soon this might change). It was so simple for us to understand we were beginning play and testing out stacking skills instantly. I had a tendency of rolling double stack, which was great because I was on my way to victory. However, an opponent of mine continued to roll the option to choose an opponent to stack your card which was my demise as I watched the entire tower fall on my accord. I grabbed myself two more cat cards and continued rolling. We could never get the tower any higher than a handful of cards high but my group seemed to really enjoy it. They loved how cute it was and enjoyed the stacking.

I think it is great how simple and accessible this game is for anyone. It’s an easy way to reel in non-players and eventually give them baby step style board games until we have reached the point of no return. When the game ended we were quick to set up round two and begin play again. Being a simply short game I was happy and surprised to see this get about three plays in back to back. While Cat Tower is a little shy of being a heavy enough game for me, It’s nice to have the opportunity to play games played when no one familiar with games are available to play games.

Final Thoughts

Cat Tower is a card game that truly emphasizes the fun in simplicity. Roll the dice and do what the action says with the added bonus of physically doing the objective. It’s something anyone can understand and I great for any age and any level of experience. What is nice is the colored cats don’t do anything more than add aesthetics to the game, so it’s great for those who may be color blind. The interaction in this game is relatively direct as there are actions that may have you play abilities on your opponents. I’d say it’s replayable because of it’s accessibility and it’s adorable; they are cats.

You will like this game if you want light, unconventional board game gameplay. You love cats.

You will not like this game if you don’t want mindless experiences and want to play something a little heavier.



Joseph Nicholas

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