Battlecruisers Card Game of Clashing and Victory Review

 Game: Battlecruisers  Time: 25 minutes
 Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games  Age: 13+
 Players: 3-6  Replayability 8.5/10

battlecruisers card gameBattlecruisers Card Game of Clashing and Victory Review

I’ll admit I’ve been growing tiresome of card games. Yes, they are quick and easy. Yes, they offer some of the most innovative titles (Mottainai, Love Letter, Flip City…). But, sometimes you play a game and it makes you think “Yes, this is why card games are so prominent.” Battlecruisers is that title that has delivered to me a new awakening. This is a title that has re-sparked and impressed my interest in card games again. This is like a Libertalia meets a smaller package and a space theme. Battlecruisers is the highlight of quick and fun card gaming with an emphasis on casual strategy and gambling. I do find that TMG has a tendency to share mechanics and concepts from other players while blending them together for a super game. For example, this game is sharing the Libertalia mechanic along with the concept of being in a space dogfight. Battlecruisers is a 3- 6 player card game that has you and your opponents play cards from a deck that all of you share similar cards in. You want to play a card that not only grants you victory points, but you want to play a card that no one else is playing on that turn. Because that would be clashing–and clashing is bad.

Tasty Minstrel Games does a fine job introducing players to beginner level sets of eight that help ease players into Battlecruisers. But eventually, you and your opponents will agree on eight cards within your deck that will be used for play. With your player sheet in front of you, you want to randomly discard one of your eight, and place another random card aside in your recovery zone. The recovery zone acts as a resting spot for your recently activated cards. After you have played a card and finalized all actions, you will begin your next round by placing the used card into your recovery zone and moving whatever card was last in your recovery zone back into your hand for play. Each round you will repeat this process until someone reaches 15 victory points or everyone is knocked out (but one!)

My Experience

I played this with four other of my friends on a game night. We tackled this game after a game of Castle of Mad King Ludwig. clearly we were looking for something fast and easy. Battlecruisers was a game I brought with me to game night because I haven’t played it up until now. It was a game we’d have to learn from the start. Surprisingly, there was nothing difficult about that (for the most part, will detail later). While full of text the rulebook is actually quite easy to get down if you have the patience to read through the first few lines. We set up the beginner decks for everyone and began our battle! Initially, my strategy was to play cards I think my opponents would not play (obviously right?). What I mean by this is I’d play cards I thought were helpful but not obvious winners–cards that forced discards and such, that way I can start weeding out the better cards and strike when the majority of my opponents have exhausted theirs.

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The anticipation of revealing our played cards was so intense. Oh, when we saw our chosen card as another players choice; it was devastating. The clash would be so harsh, discard a card, lose victory points, and the worst part was? These cards activated in order of lowest to the highest rank, so we had to wait to be harmed by our actions. Toward the end of our adventure it was noticeable, our targets were those closest to victory. We’d play cards that would steal from other opponents, our winning with fourteen victory points marked the end of our reign, cards would decrease us to an eleven easily (I was a victim to this, twice). In the end, I came second I believe? I was so close, but I clashed with my opponent at the end attempting the exact same strategy I was. A card that could make my twelve a fifteen.

Final Thoughts

It’s a great card game packed in a vast universe of Eminent Domain. It executes a great theme, it has an accessible gameplay experience, it’s graphic design is flawless, and it’s fit for up to six players. I enjoy that this Battlecruisers card game pushes an interesting direction in strategy choice. It provides players with rich and unique experiences; each hand of eight delivers a fresh game. The experience is a bit dull with three players but gets progressively better as the player count grows. I enjoy how quickly the game plays, it’s nice being able to get a couple rounds of this in. Especially because it’s one of those games that tests your strategic choices and makes you want to start over to try something new right away.

8.5? This theme may not be for everyone and the rule could have a re-write regardless of its accessibility. It’s definitely not something I was able to read from start to finish. However, definitely suggest trying it at least once. Especially if you’re Libertalia fan.

You will like this game if you want the process of elimination strategy. You want a small hand of similar cards and to reduce your options. You may enjoy the space theme. It’s a quick play experience.
you will not like this game if you are expecting a heavier style board game. You want something that doesn’t involve card actions. It’s a bit repetitious.



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