Ready Check, Dungeoneering Through the Eyes of the Gamer: Review

Ready Check

 Game: Ready Check  Players: 2- 4
 Publisher: 2 Handsome Games  Age: 13+
 Time: 20- 45 minutes  Replayability: 3/5

ready check

What is Ready Check

We’ve all had our experience with raids. Whether you’re a WoW enthusiast, rpg player, or just have a whopping insect infestation (… I’ll see myself out.). Dungeoneering, level grinding, tactic training, or just some pvp–raiding has been a very active asset to gaming. Even board gaming has it’s very impressive nods toward dungeoneering. Games like munchkin, dungeon fighter, and rpg tabletop games all innovate the activity in their own way.

Ready Check is no different by implementing raids and grinding in the form of a card game. This time, we are representing the gamers of the community. Instead of choosing our favorite elves, dwarfs, or heavies–we’ll be choosing the stereotypical casual gamers, trolls, afk players, and hxc players that are running the raids with the characters i mentioned earlier. Fun right?

ready checkHow to Play

Ready Check is made up of 3 types of cards: forum, dungeon, and loot cards. The forum deck are the players we’ll be choosing who will be running the raids. You will have 3 forum cards faced up and available for players to recruit (the hxc gamers or afk players) while the rest are face down (restock them when you recruit). These players will have attributes that will help or hinder your raid party, so this adds a tidbit of strategy toward who you will recruit and who you will run a raid with.

The dungeon decks are the dangers which lurk in the game. These dungeons are varying in level, text, vp, and loot. Your raid team has to be more powerful than the toughness of the dungeon in order to collect the loot indicated on the card. Once you collect 20 vp, you win.

The last deck is the loot deck, which is the abilities of the game. Loot will be the positive attributes for your players such as buffing, and extra cards or be the negative attributes you’d use against your opponents to get the upper hand, or a way to implement new global rules (patch notes).

My Experience-ish

The game has you run through 3 phases; begin by picking 1 of the 3 actions (maintenance phase): recruit a player, kick a player, or play a loot. You’ll then begin your next phase. The third phase is the dungeon phase in which you have the choice to grind (grab two loot and keep one), or run a dungeon. It’s a very simple game. Is that a problem? No, what I think may be a problem is the text stacking that becomes a bit cumbersome toward late game. Like I’ve stated before in older reviews, my ADD gets in the way of a lot of my gaming (and everything else in my life… but that’s a different story). I can’t have too much going on at one time or my brain can’t function. Especially when I start linking together card texts (global rules, dungeons, and so forth) . These texts could be a bit overwhelming as I’m following them, linking cards from one to the other finding out what can run, who can run, how it will run. But again, if you’re fan of dungeoneering, you’ll love this. The elements of raiding with the “3rd person raider” theme gaurntees players familiar with this world will be familiar with how the game will handle. Card flavor text will keep the game interesting as the relatable content can push convesation and potentially inside jokes (especially when these cards design their gripes). If you like simple card games with a skittles amount of flavor, you’ll love this. Their kickstarter will be launching soon. Check back soon or visit their website here.


Joseph Nicholas

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